Sandoval022813br0360SPRINGFIELD – Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago) has passed a measure that will help prevent deadly accidents caused by inexperienced young drivers. It stems from an incident involving a teenager who caused another drivers death while driving under a graduated driver’s license (GDL).

“This is legislation was named Kelsey’s Law in honor of Kelsey Little, who received serious injuries in an accident caused by a young driver who had a GDL,” stated Sandoval. “The GDL has been successful in curbing the number of teen driving deaths since it became law in 2008.”

Under current law, a GDL applicant is not required to report any pending traffic citations. House Bill 1009 will prohibit the issuance of a graduated driver’s license to any applicant under the age of 18 years until all of the applicant’s pending traffic citation’s have been resolved.

In addition, under this measure, the secretary of state will be able to cancel the license or permit of any minor if they have had an unresolved traffic citation. After cancellation, the secretary will not issue a new license or permit until the applicant has resolved the citation.


State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago) missed several weeks of legislative session in Springfield recently, due to a horseback riding accident resulting in three fractured ribs.

“I was bucked by a horse named ‘The Tornado,’ said Sandoval. “I’m just happy to have recovered quickly and be back in Springfield.”


State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago), member of the Illinois Senate Energy Committee and former official at the EPA, applauds the Mayor’s vision to make Chicago a greener and more sustainable city. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Coca-Cola and Keep America Beautiful announced a $2.59 million grant to support the city-wide expansion of the Blue Cart Recycling Program through the purchase of 50,000 blue carts over the next five years.

“Chicago residents have been asking for city-wide recycling services for many years, and this grant will help expand blue cart recycling to all communities by the end of 2013 and pay for damaged and replacement carts for years to come,” Emanuel said. “With the help of Coca-Cola and Keep America Beautiful, Chicago will become a greener, more sustainable city.”

“There are smart, affordable things we can do to build a sustainable city,” Sandoval said. “Blue cart recycling will encourage recycling and reduce cost.”

ICAT-CONFERENCEPeoria, Illinois – The annual Innovations Conference on Asphalt and Transportation conference this week included a panel on state funding for transportation projects. Some state lawmakers say there are better ways to fund infrastructure projects than passing occasional massive construction bills. Democratic Senator Martin Sandoval chairs the Senate Transportation Committee. He says he supports forming an independent highway commission to regulate infrastructure funding like other utilities.

“Because it is a utility. We need it. Can’t live without it. And we should treat it that way. And we should not have it compete with Medicaid, with Medicare, with schools.”

Sandoval says the body could serve to regulate the motor fuel-tax or expand the toll system to generate revenue for road projects.


PHOTO: Senate Transportation Chairman Martin Sandoval (2nd front, right) sits with business, government and education leaders, including former US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood, at the Innovations Conference on Asphalt and Transportation in Peoria.

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